• 1 - How does the pricing work?
  • 2 - What kind of items do you remove?
  • 3 - Where do the items go?
  • 4 - Do the items need to be outside for removal?
  • 5 - Can I get a price before the junk removal truck arrives?
  • 6 - Are you licensed and insured?
  • 7 - How do I pay?

FAQ - Bee Junk Free

Answer - Our pricing is based on volume. So however much space you take up in our large truck, is what you are charged. Anywhere from an 1/8th load, all the way up to a full load, and anywhere in between. We also offer special single item pricing, for up to 3 large items. All pricing includes labour, removal, and disposal fees. Some conditions apply.

Answer - We remove appliances, metal, electronics, wood, reno debris, garbage, furniture, mattresses, hot tubs, piano's, and more! We do not accept any hazardous waste type items (paint, oil, chemicals, propane tanks, fourescent tubes, etc)

Answer - All items are sorted and disposed of properly. We try and donate good used items to charity, we also recycle all wood, drywall, metal, electronics, cardboard, and mattresses, to divert these items from the landfill, to help the environment.

Answer - No, not at all. Our team will remove the items from where ever they are.
Discount can be offered to customers, who put the items outside for easy access.

Answer - You can call with details as to what junk you need to be removed, or send pictures of your items, and we can give a rough quote over the phone. Once the team arrives, they will confirm the price on site.

Answer - Yes, our junk removal team is fully insured with liability coverage, commercial vehicle insurance, and full WSIB coverage. We are also licensed by the Ministry of Ontario, for the proper removal and disposal of items removed.

Answer - Payment can be made on site after the junk removal is completed. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, or Debit cards. E-transfer is available in some cases. If you are not home during the removal process, the driver can call you for payment, and leave the invoice in the mailbox.